Installing OfficeDissector

OfficeDissector requires Python 2.7 and the lxml package.

The easiest way to install OfficeDissector is to use pip to automatically download and install it:

$ sudo pip install lxml # If you haven't installed lxml already
$ sudo pip install officedissector

Alternatively, you can download OfficeDissector from github or as a zip and install your local copy, using either pip (recommended) or python setup:

$ sudo pip install /path/to/thisfolder # Recommended, as pip supports uninstall
$ sudo python install # Alternative
Finally, to use OfficeDissector without installing it, download it and set the PYTHONPATH to the off$
$ export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/thisfolder


To view OfficeDissector documentation, open in a browser:

$ doc/html/index.html


To test, first set PYTHONPATH or install officedissector as described above. Then:

# Unit tests
$ cd test/unit_test
$ python

# Smoke tests
$ cd test
$ python

The smoke tests will create log files with more information about them.

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