features – OfficeDissector - Features Class

Provides access to all Features of a Document.

class officedissector.features.Features(doc)

Provide access to all Features of a Document.

Features in an OOXML document are identified in two ways:

  1. By their Content-Type
  2. By their inbound Relationship types

For completeness, we use either means of identification, allowing either one to identify a feature.

For example:

>>> part = doc.part_by_name['/word/media/image1.jpeg']
>>> part.content_type()
>>> part.relationships_in()[0].type

Content-Types and Relationships are mainly referenced from the OOXML specifications at ISO/IEC:29500-1 15.2 and ISO/IEC:29500-2 13.2.

  • custom_properties
  • images
  • videos
  • sounds
  • fonts
  • macros
  • comments
  • custom_xml
  • embedded_controls
  • embedded_objects
  • embedded_packages
  • digital_signatures

Initialize the Features object.

Parameters:doc (Document) – the Document associated with this object

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